SEA Foundation

I want to do everything I can to make my country and my continent move forward.

How can we make Togo a better place?

The SEA Foundation was set up by Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor in 2014 to bring together his various philanthropic endeavours. He has been involved in government initiatives and development projects in Togo for several years, as well as acting as an ambassador for the health and education charity Vision Togo.

The SEA Foundation aims to fund and support youth projects in Togo which have the potential to be used as a blueprint in proofread my essay the rest of Africa.

This is Sheyi’s way of giving back. Despite his unprivileged background, he feels like one of the lucky ones: he was picked out from a crowd and his talent was nurtured. And this is not just about football, it is about finding the next generation of entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and artists. It is about helping young people fulfil their potential wherever their talents lie.

The SEA Foundation has been set up to encourage creativity, inspire innovation and help communities build a better future. This is about a new mindset; it is about seeing Africa differently. We feel the slogan #SEAchange matches our ambition.

We are just at the start of the journey: the SEA Foundation is now starting to raise funds for the first round of projects.

Come join us on this journey.

This is about helping communities build a better future. This is about #SEAchange.

Emmanuel Adebayor

SEA Founder